Friday, August 28, 2009

Capture More Revenue with the MTS Guest Experience Portal

For the 2006 fiscal year Google reported $10.492 billion in advertizing revenue representing approximately 99% of total revenues. Businesses pay large sums of money to advertise to companies like Google to grow their business. Imagine having the ability to provide targeted advertising to your guests the way Google does. Having the ability to up sell or cross sell your products and services can drive additional revenue to your hotel. Drive guests to your restaurant instead of leaving to find a place to eat. Strike deals with local businesses to provide services for your guests or have local businesses pay monthly to advertise to your guests. Hotels have a targeted audience when a guests logs on to the internet and an opportunity to capture revenue. Until today, hotel guests typically land on a generic webpage that provides little to no value to the guest or hotel owner.

To improve the guest experience and drive revenue to the hotel franchisee, MTS has developed a portal unlike any other in the hotel industry. This portal page is designed to be the landing page for every guest logging onto the hotels network. Our portal is designed to promote your hotel and help you sell more rooms and amenities. With an easy to use, totally customizable portal, you can advertise your hotel and amenities which can be modified by anyone at anytime. Let guests know of current daily specials or advertise special arrangements with nearby businesses. The MTS portal can be modified as much or as little as you want. You can setup different portals seasonally or for each day of the week focused on business or pleasure travelers. There is no need to know HTML or any special code to modify your guest's custom portal page. MTS has also built convenient tools for guests such as our reservations, airline, local map, and weather tools. We have now provided the hotel a tool to help generate additional revenue by promoting from within. For more information or a demo please contact MTS today.