Friday, December 18, 2009

Hotel Sales Staff to work from Anywhere.

In today‘s work atmosphere, every communication problem has a solution. At an upscale hotel in Missouri, the communication issue included needing more admin room and they just didn’t have any of the much needed space to accommodate their sales staff. The owner of this hotel had other buildings that he owned near the hotel, but didn’t know how to accomplish this without affecting the efficiency of the sales staff. The owner knew they could depend on MTS to help solve their problem. As our team investigated the situation, we found there wasn’t any cabling run between the hotel and the owners other buildings, and it just wasn’t cost efficient to do so. Instead of running expensive cable, MTS installed a teleworker server at one of the additional buildings which allowed remote employees to have full functionality, just as they would if they were sitting in the office at the main hotel, without the expense of the cable. With this cost efficient solution, both the sales staff and the owner’s issues were solved and both of them were very satisfied.