Friday, May 21, 2010

MTS becomes Phybridge Certified Partner

MTS has become a Certified Partner with Phybridge. Phybridge creates wonderful products that allow hotels and others to use existing 1 pair cabling for use with IP devices. It not only allows IP traffic over 1 pair of existing cabling but also offers Power Over Ethernet (POE) as well. Phybridge products can save our customers substantial amounts of money and reduce the planning and headaches involved in re-cabling a building with CAT5 cabling that's needed for all IP applications. This means that our customers can now upgrade their admin and/or guest room phones IP and/or SIP without having to worry about the need for re-cabling. If this seems to be something you may have interest in, please call MTS today at 800-327-7890 or email us from out website and we'll see what Phybridge can do for you!