Friday, June 5, 2009

Where you are should not dictate how you work

Series X unleashes Mitel® Communications Director call control software to turn what may be your company’s biggest IT expense into your biggest asset. This powerful software, with the embedded Mitel Dynamic Extension solution, runs on Mitel 3300 Communications Platform (ICP) and works with any mobile or fixed device, over any network, with any carrier.

Mitel’s Dynamic Extension lets an employee select up to eight devices, so calls to their business number can ring on a mobile phone, home phone, remote office, or on any other device they choose. Plus, one central voicemail box stores all messages for their devices – eliminating the expense and the hassle of multiple voicemail services.

Presence and consistency from anywhere

Regardless of which device they use to answer or make a call, the employee’s office telephone number is displayed as the Caller Line ID at the other end, and their presence information is updated on the business network. This makes it much easier to access the expertise of the company, no matter where the employees are, leading to better customer service and faster problem resolution.

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