Friday, March 18, 2011

IP3 Gateway Security Certificate Expired, Result Alarms Guests

On March 7, 2011 the SSL security certificate for IP3 Networks expired. When a user tries to access the internet on an IP3 gateway, via wired or wireless, a warning will be displayed. These warnings cause users to fear logging onto the internet resulting in increased help desk calls and lower internet scores. Here are some examples of SSL certificate warnings.

The SSL certificate has expired due to IP3 Networks going out of business. The specific design of the IP3 software does not allow this certificate to be replaced. Please be aware that any vendor offering to circumvent the security certificate by altering the IP3 software could pose legal risk to your property.

At MTS, one of our goals is to improve the quality of your guests internet experience. We can assist you in replacing your IP3 with a cost effective product. MTS has an IP3 trade in program designed to get you the highest value for your IP3. For any questions regarding the proper replacement of your IP3, or to learn more about the certificate warning please contact or 800-327-7890.