Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why the ANTlabs InnGate 3 is right for your hotel.

ANTlabs M100, M200
ANTlabs InnGate M100, M200 & M300
The InnGate 3 series gateways were designed specifically for the needs of Visitor Based Networks(VBN), which is exactly what a hotel network is.  Guests want to be able to sit down, fire up their laptop or mobile device and connect to the internet without any complications. The InnGate 3 provides simple, yet secure internet access to end users. It has Anti-DoS and Spam protection built in, with features like session rate limiting, ARP storm protection, IP conflict protection and DNS flood protection.

With the increase of internet crimes, such as illegally downloading movies, hotels will be required to keep records of internet traffic data. The InnGate 3 has a Lawful Intercept Module to take care of just that. Read more about the Lawful Intercept Module here.

ANTlabs InnGate 3 E1000
ANTlabs InnGate E500, E750 & E1000
 The hardware of the InnGate 3 series gateways is far superior to that of any competitor.  This means they are more reliable and have a longer lifespan.  By default all InnGate 3 gateways have Gigabit Ethernet ports to maximize available bandwidth.  Unlike a Nomadix, the InnGate 3 does not require yearly support fees in order for it to continue to function.  Read all about the InnGate 3 Key Features here.

Visit today learn more about the ANTlabs InnGate 3 Gateway as well as see a live online demo.  MTS is an official ANTlabs distributor.  MTS has taken the distribution role a few steps further by adding services and options that no other ANTlabs distributor has.  Call or email us today, 800-327-7890 |

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