Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Elfiq Networks Releases New App

Hotels across the country are realizing the amazing benefit in adding a link load balancer to their network. To make it even easier, Elfiq Networks released a Mobile Site Manager tool to remotely manage your Elfiq Link Load Balancer from your iPhone or iPad. This application is free of charge to all Elfiq customers and partners to allow network managers instant access to their networks status and statistics.

Click Here to check out Elfiq Link Load Balancers on our site. If you have any questions regarding Elfiq products feel free to contact us through our live chat on our website, email info@mts.cc or call 800-327-7890. We are here to help!

This tool is free and available from the Apple iTunes AppStore. Click here to download the Elfiq Mobile Site Manager.

What is a Link Balancer?
A Link Balancer is a network-based appliance designed to proactively manage bandwidth and multiple ISP or private links. Link balancers are also know as Multi-Homing Devices.

Link Balancers will perform the following functions:

  • Link failover: should an ISP link not be available one or more links will handle the traffic until the troubled link returns to normal.
  • Outbound traffic balancing: the link balancer will be able to distribute traffic leaving the organization across available links based on organizational preferences
  • Inbound traffic balancing: through DNS (Domain Name Service) interception, a link balancer will be able to distribute incoming traffic across all selected links. Common examples include roaming VPN clients, webmail access, transactional applications and email retrieval by remote users.
  • Session persistence management: with certain types of traffic, sessions such as SIP (VoIP), HTTPS (secure web site access) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) cannot be balanced.
Popular models include:

LB-550B - 2 ISP links, 70Mbps total, 35Mbps Upload or download

LB-550E - 3 ISP links, 110Mbps total, 55
Mbps Upload or download

LB-800E -
6 ISP links, 480Mbps total, 240Mbps Upload or download

LB-1600E - 16 ISP links, 800Mbps total, 400Mbps Upload or download

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