Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hotels need more bandwidth to keep up with guest demands

Hotels across the country are consistently looking for solutions to improve their guest internet. A single T-1 line or even a DSL, used to be sufficient for guest connection, but as technology has continued to evolve, guest demands are increasing. Many hoteliers have trusted MTS to find the most cost efficient solution to fit their hotel specific internet needs.

A Fairfield Inn in Colorado was confident MTS could find an answer to their guest bandwidth issue and pursued a full network evaluation. After a thorough assessment of their existing network, we recommended adding a link load balancer to solve their current bandwidth concern. With an Elfiq Load Balancer, this Fairfield can increase their network speed and maintain redundancy so guests can enjoy their devices with little or no interruption. To see how MTS can help solve your guest internet issues, call us today at 800.327.7890. We have a team of professionals ready to speak with you.

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