Friday, October 1, 2010

Hospitality Lawful Intercept - ANTlabs InnGate 3

Lawful Interception 

Faced with heightened use of the internet in organized crimes such as data theft, pedophilia and in particular terrorism, governments around the world have introduced “Lawful Intercept” directives which require providers of Internet services to keep records of all the communications that take place over their Internet service and attempt to identify and record the user. The required information must be collected, stored for a specified period of time and made available to authorities at any time.

What this means is that as a hospitality service provider providing Internet access for your guests, you need to be responsible for knowing who accesses the internet or emails via your server and requires you to store information on user IDs, IP addresses and the date and time of communication.

InnGate 3 Supports Lawful Intercept InnGate 3 supports lawful intercept out-of-the-box by providing a Syslog readable trace of information such as:

1) Source IP address – This is the IP address of the user. We store both the internal and external addresses.

2) Destination IP address – This is the IP address of the site that the user is connecting to.

3) Connection type – This shows whether it is a HTTP connection or TCP/UDP connection.

4) Connection time – This is the time at which the connection is made.

5) MAC address – The MAC address of the user’s device.

6) User ID – Depending on the authentication type, this can be the Radius User ID, the PMS room number or credit card transaction ID.

With such detailed information, lawful intercept requirements are met, allowing authorities to  identify the user if the need arises.

Source: ANTlabs Lawful Intercept White paper

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